Here are the wonderful two things I've created so far (or, at least, the two most-complete). One doesn't seem to work anymore, and the other is a BBS Door that, essentially, doesn't work anymore. Err, I do have an excuse I guess, I have created some online web services and such. And I'm very lazy.

Mass Murderer - a BBS door where you go around killing people. If I could get an artist, man, this would be a great game to re-create. And I always get new ideas whenver I leave the house!

SpamSpam v2 (Windows) - anytime I learn a programming language this is the FIRST thing I create. A random probabilty exists that a can of spam you have in front of you is tainted with a life-threatening virus. Do you eat it? Rack up the points, but be sure not to die!

Now that I think of it, I really need to get a copy of my other crappy game up here, "Hit Enter." There's a hoot.