A while back I happened upon the Wikipedia entry for Muffin Top.  Needless to say I was amused that on the entry there is a picture of a blueberry muffin.  To portray, I suppose, the general effect a muffin top would suppose upon one.

When, in need of a reference on this exact topic, I loaded the Wikipedia page again today I happened to notice the introduction of a new picture; this picture of a portly girl who suffers from the page’s topical malady.

Often in jest, one supposes that an enemy would be listed in the dictionary under “Idiot”, “Buffoon” or their actions under “tom-foolery” or “skullduggery.”  Sadly this girl must now live her life as the epitome of Muffin Toppiness.

At least until she finds out and edits the page to remove the image.