Saturday I biked 49.3 miles.

My previous highest was about 28 miles.  28 flat miles.

My biggest takeaway from this is the American Diabetes Association apparently feels OK about lying about hill-related facts.

You can see the free socks they gave us as sported by me in the above picture.  I got the skull & bones socks; Alfonso’s were Rolling Stones (I win).

I wasn’t sure I’d be able to handle the 45 miles, but upon hearing the entire route only had 3 hills, I decided I could.  Sure, it was a pretty big increase but there’d be rest stops.

There were more than three hills.  There were three BIG hills.  But there were many, many more smaller hills.

There was also 2/3rds of the way through one hill that lasted SIX MILES that for some reason, they didn’t feel counted as a hill (six miles is no exaggeration.  It was uphill for six miles).

The worst part about the six mile hill was anytime we’d crest a hill, they’d make us turn off the street where the hill was ending so we could climb some other hill.

The elevation raise for the whole ride 3,417 feet.  I think our average speed was about 13-15 miles per hour, though going downhill I hit about 35 mph at one point.  Going uphill my average was about 5 mph.  Or stopped, panting for breath and/or electrolytes.

You may wonder why on a 45 mile bike ride, I ended up going 49.3.  That is because Alfonso and I decided to bike to the event.

We did not bike back home – Aarthy came and picked us up.

More pictures on picasa, or linked to me on Facebook.  Not many, because we were busy biking.