Why in the world do my iTunes ratings not sync up to a global profile, which is then applied to my other iTunes?**
Why do my Word settings not get synced down when I re-install or use another PC?
Why are my bookmarks not automatically brought down and synced?*
What about my Add-Ons (or whatever Firefox is calling them this release) and settings and such?
Why is it the only other option I have is to use a completely online application (ala Google Docs) which is nerfed, or a completely offline application which is incredibly inconvenient?

It’s 2007. Almost 2008. I would think that software manufacturers would have thought about the whole “Internet” fad by now. And, I dunno, that some people have more than one PC…

Anyway, the reason I’m angry is because I don’t think I’ve ever used iTunes ratings despite the fact that they could be very useful. I don’t, for a couple reasons:

  1. They don’t follow me to my work PC, or my laptop.
  2. Okay I thought I had more than that when I started the list
  3. Oh I remembered one
  4. I never know how to correctly back up my iTunes library when I reinstall. I save all my music and just create a new one from scratch (Add Folder -> my MP3s). So I always lose my ratings. And I think I typically have to re-sync my whole iPod, but I don’t want to talk about that.

(BTW: in 2001 I registered “OnlineSettings.com” or some such domain in a desire to create a web service that would allow easy integration of offline apps that would sync up settings, etc. I let it expire. However, I gave up hope and let it expire).

  • This is the most inexcusable. It’s a web browser. Internet access is practically guaranteed. USE IT. ALSO, I do not want to install an AddOn to each of my browsers to do this. It should just be done.

** I specifically call out iTunes because WMP and Zune don’t even have podcasting support.