I know what you want to hear about: FREE STUFF I GOT.

Google happened to have an extra ticket to Gnomedex, a local blogger convention (thanks to Vanessa Fox for quitting!). Because it is a pretty small conference, there was some quite-good swag:

HD-DVD copy of “The Bourne Supremacy” (this will most likely be a Christmas gift for my brother, Chris), courtesy of HP
Assorted notebooks from HP and Google (including a holographic Google Earth notepad which is pretty neat).
Gnomedex badge with a hole punched in it (not sure why)
Yahoo Developer Network Mug
Gnomedex pin and sticker
Zillow Pen
B5 Media Telescopic Pen (neatish but more or less useless)
Edgeio 2 GB rather-small USB drive (nifty!) complete with a Gnomedex logo on it.
Something from ZenZui but I have no idea what. Maybe a monitor wipe? Hankey? Seriously, no idea.
Gnomedex bag
LapWorks laptop desk
HP Shirt (Size: Large)
“I blog, therefore I am” shirt from Emma Email Marketing (very hard to find logo on the shirt!) (Size: XL, but it’s American Apparel so it should come close to fitting)
Zillow Shirt (Size: Medium, and would only have fit 1 person at entire conference, Chris Pirillo, the host, who is diminutive).
Gnomedex shirt (Size: SMALL!)

I’ll be posting a blog later on what I thought – some of the presentations were really great, some not so great, and one a giant advert.

Anyway – time to roll around in my free stuff.