Follow me here – this is pretty neat.

So there’s a service I mentioned earlier called Jott which lets you call an 877 number, talk, and have it emailed to you automagically transcribed. Since I don’t like listening to anyone talk – myself included, it’s quite a nice feature that it’s just text. Much easier to process, too.

You can also Jott to other people – you add them to an address book and it’ll just email them whatever you said, transcribed. Again, pretty nice, since I am not yet important enough (apparently) to have an assistant.

These two combine to an obvious idea – a short voice message transcribed to a short text message would be perfect to post things automatically to Twitter. I already set up a iGoogle Gadget to post from my Google homepage, now it would be super nifty to post from my phone, too. And not just through text messages, which are slow.

The desire was compounded since I also recently acquired a new car with Bluetooth and voice dialing.

So I was thinking of how to hook an email address up to post to Twitter (it wouldn’t be that hard), and decided this time, I’m going to see if the solution exists already first.

Hey, what do you know, it does exist in a service called EgorCast. EgorCast takes a Jotted message and will post it to Twitter or a variety of other services.

Easy to setup despite Egor’s best attempts at making things difficult (once you login, you stay logged in, but there’s no link to your account page. So in order to do anything, you have to log out then log back in, or remember your usernumber and link to that specific page… ick). Here’s what you do, assuming you already have a Twitter account:

1) Sign up for a Jott account – it’s free
2) Sign up for an Egor account – you just enter your email in
3) Once you login to your Egor account, give them your Twitter login credentials (this sucks, however, I put the blame on Twitter here – come on, an API is not ONE CALL which lets you post a status message using http auth… get with it!)
4) You’ll be shown your unique Egor email address, note this down
5) Log in to Jott and set up a contact; I called mine “Twitter” – have it forward to the email address you got in step 4
6) Call Jott, and Jott to “Twitter” whatever you like
7) Amaze friends and family alike that you can twitter with your VOICE

One note – Jott can be kind of slow to transcribe your text, so don’t be surprised if you wait a minute or two before your Twitter page is updated. Be patient.