Right now, Google’s logo is “Mother’s Day” – click on it, and you do a search for Mother’s Day.

Makes sense, okay.

But at the same time, it’s almost like a giant ad for everything Google can do inside search, too. Almost too much so, maybe, to be a coincidence.

For example, you get an instant answer onebox (mother’s day is on …).
You also get integrated inline news results (fairly new), related searches at the bottom, an ad with a Google Checkout badge, and of course, a YouTube video is one of the top results.

Take a gander over at live search and you get a pretty plain old results page – you get news results at the top, and one related search that makes no sense (“Monologue S For Mothers Day” – wtf? Is monologue R for Memorial Day?)

Ask.com has a nifty “MOM” tattoo heart thing going on, but the result of a search is pretty much as bland as live.com.

The winner? Google, because their related searches include apostrophes in “mother’s” – grammar is important.