My 360 died.

While playing a delightful game of Catan, the game froze. Upon reboot I received the dreaded 3 rings of death. I blame it on the overworked processor due to those fully rendered sheep (how is that in any way necessary? Pretty though)

Anyway, after a fruitless call to 360 support, I realized I was on my own for this one. So I looked up tricks.

The first, almost sure fire trick seemed to be replacing the “X clamps.” I don’t know what an X clamp is and I don’t want to know. It seemed to involve drilling and washers. Maybe a cactus. Those I have.

The next one involved wrapping your 360 in a towel.

Clearly, this is a solution I can handle.

I was about to run upstairs when I realized in a twist of cosmic fate I had several towels already at hand – Google had provided me 3 or 4 “Google” towels. Perfect.

So I wrapped my Xbox 360 in 3 Google towels, and powered it on. In retrospect I should have turned it on first, because I had to unwrap it to push the power button. Of course, of course, I later, later realized I could have turned it on with a controller, too.

Anyway. I let it run for about a half hour, then take the towels off and let it sit for an hour. Conveniently the “Heroes” season finale was on.

Carefully, I approached the controller and turned it on.

Three red lights were gone. In there place were fully rendered sheep and wheat and that dancing robber dude.

Being a religious man, I only expect this to last 3 days, so I’m getting my Catan in while I can, before its glorious ascension back to from whence it came (China?).