Since switching to the Mac I’ve gotten addicted to using Google Desktop Mac. It makes doing anything much easier – if I want to launch an application I don’t have to move my mouse. I hit the Command key twice and like so:


I type in the first few letters of what I want to do, for example “Remote Desktop” and hit enter, and my program launches:


Saves me clicking around a bunch, certainly.

I was working on my NEW EXTREME VISTA BOX ULITMATE and noticed they built a little search box into the Start menu.

“Nice,” I think, “now I can type what I want and it appears. And without that stupid dog that froze the system for 3 seconds.”

I then realized the “new feature” I really like in my operating system is a grep-enabled command line box. So apparently operating systems have come full circle – from text interface, to graphics and little things to click on, back to a text interface again. Nice. It only took Microsoft 6 years, too. Not too shabby.