One of the nice benefits of google is the free meals. I will not lie – I ate like a king my first week in Mountain View. My first day they had waigyu tri-tip. Little strips of heaven.

Unfortunately working in Kirkland you are many thousands of miles away from the delicious Charlie’s Cafe.

They still offer decent meals, and one of the nice additions as of a couple weeks ago was a nice selection of ice creams. This includes such things as Choco Tacos, ice cream sandwiches, and more. Yum.

Bear with me here – this is all going somewhere.

Today at lunch I grabbed my meal and there was no place to sit, so I decided to eat upstairs at my desk. So on my way out I grabbed an ice cream sandwich, as the cafe is on another floor. Heaven forbid I walk myself up and down stairs again to grab a 160 calorie frozen treat.

I’m eating my meal and realize my ice cream sandwich is melting! Melting, right before my eyes, as I eat some delicious tandoori spiced pork. So I walk over to a micro-kitchen and figure I can put it in the freezer.

At Microsoft the freezer was often quite full. Frozen meals were pretty popular for people who work late, so there was often many boxes in there. I was worried here at google there might not be space for my beloved ice cream sandwich.

I had forgotten, of course, there’s no need for those boxes as dinner is provided. As such, nobody opens the freezer. Apparently EVER.

A flood of ice cubes come pouring out of the freezer hitting me in the face and chest. I’m stunned and icy.

Apparently this specific freezer does not disable ice making at a certain overflow point. No, it just keeps filling the freezer with more and more ice until someone comes and gets injured by it. That person being me, of course.

I put my sandwich in the freezer and walked away, slightly moist and concerned for my own wellbeing.