I was eating a “pluot” and decided I’d gone long enough in my life without knowing. I must know what a “pluot” is.

Yep. It’s a plum mixed with an apricot.

This doesn’t bother me. What bothers me is it was invented in the late 20th century. Why am I beta testing this fruit? Doesn’t it take longer than that to be proven, uhm, food? I think it should.

Besides. Why are people inventing fruit? I thought fruit gets discovered, not invented. I don’t know.

I also found out that “Grapples” (Grape-Apples) are not a hybrid of any kind. They dip apples in artificial grape flavoring! That’s just sad. And somewhat stupid.

I also realized that just a sentence can make me crack up. Case in point is today’s Achewood. I don’t know why, but the 2nd frame is just hilarious.

Well, I’m off to have my own victory with computers.