I’ve jokingly said things are painful to watch before, but this… this actually was. I had to keep pausing it and do other things just so I wouldn’t die.

Interestingly near the end she comes out of the office and gets applauded. I think the second Harry Potter movie paid homage to this scene at the end, when the school inexplicably applauds Hagrid for being released from prison.

Two other points:

1) Apparently Windows, when printing, would YELL “PRINTING!” at you in an ever increasing font while it printed. Microsoft Product Mangers were apparently as bad as they are now back then, as I met a few that would think this quite the revolutionary idea. Perhaps in Office Accounting 2008.

2) Also apparently, Microsoft Word (or whatever it was called then) has not changed what charts look like in, well, however long ago this movie was made. They look exactly the same! And to be honest it looked like the insane woman in this video had an easier time of making charts than I ever do.