For almost a decade, people have wondered how to vastly increase their consumption of porn. Mark Cuban has found the way.

And it is no less than brilliant.

Unfortunately, there are a few steps missing in the equation — I am not quite the seer that this fellow is — but it goes something, like-a-this:

  1. Sell your company to yahoo for 5 billion dollars in stock
  2. Start a blog to share random but always uninformed opinions
  3. ???
  4. Post on your blog asking people to send you porn

I think step 3 might be “go bat-shit insane” but I can’t prove that. I am not operating at the porn level of Mark Cuban. I might suggest that none of us are.

Honestly, can we say for sure that the whole business deal — founding and selling — was not working up to this point? Just to gander enough glory to have people email you porn. It’s not unlikely.