For my new year resolution I am not going to even pretend to do a real resolution. Instead, I’m simply going to curb my rampant commercialism and do this:

I will not purchase any additional DVDs until my unwatched stack is at half the size it currently is. To whit, it currently is standing at 33 titles (most box sets):

Black Sheep
Buffy the Complete Series
Castle in the Sky
Clerks 2
The Complete Monty Python Box Set
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 5
DuckTales Volume 2
Eerie Indiana Complete Season
Film Noir Volume 2
Final Fantasy VII
Frasier Season 8
Gamera in: “Destroy All Planets” and “Monster From A Prehistoric Planet”
Ghost in the Shell
Godfather Box Set
Grave of the Fireflies
Jaws 2
Memiors of a Geisha
Neon Genesis Evangelion Colection 1
Red Vs. Blue Season 2
Seinfeld Season 7
Simpsons Season 8
Simpsons Season 9
South Park Season 8
Star Trek IV: Voyage Home
Terminator 3
Uncle Buck
V for Vendetta
Weather Man

(If someone wants to calculate the number of hours of DVDs that is, it would frighten and entertain me).

I also need to either start watching my netflixes or cancel my subscription (thereby erasing my queue which is over 100 items long…)