You should listen to Regina Spektor’s new album which Shane got me hooked on. It’s a pretty nice CD. She combines the haunting melodies of Fiona Apple with enjoyable yet weird noises (I had another band name but for some reason I can’t remember it anymore).

I like weird noises.

It would seem you can stream her whole album for free from that internet site. So, please do, and enjoy the lyrical and musical enjoyment to be had.

I also have news that I have acquired a Wii thanks to Blake. Blake is good people! You at home may wonder, “Is the Wii a pretty nice system? Is it a good one?” And my answer is that it is a nice system indeed. My sister managed to grab 3 additional controllers and it’s quite fun to play tennis or another game with friends. I would recommend acquiring it if you can secure yourself friends controllers (I’ve heard they are difficult to find since the launch of the Wii).