Friday night I slept on a cot in my mom and brother’s room, as the rest of my family got in Saturday, and then I’d have someone with whom to share a room. Saturday morning my mom proclaims, “I think I smell like fish.”

My mom says a lot of weird things, so at first I just ignored her.

But she kept saying it, over and over again. “I think I smell like fish,” she would say. Sometimes followed up by, “someone smell me.”

Neither my brother nor I wanted to.

Eventually she forced Chris to, and he confirmed. “You smell,” he screamed, “you smell like fish, now go away.” He pushed her away.

Dora was now left to ponder why she might smell like fish. “I took a bath, I don’t see why I would smell like fish.” She kept telling us other little tidbits, like that when she went down to get coffee, people in the elevator moved away from her. This fish smell, of mysterious origin, was becoming an issue.

“I even put some nice things in the bath, the hotel had some bath beads.” By this point I wasn’t paying attention much anymore, because the fish odor was most likely going to remain a mystery.

Maybe 5 minutes later she added, “they weren’t very good quality, they didn’t open themselves. I had to pop them open myself.”

Again, no response, so a few minutes later, she kept talking. “And they didn’t bubble up very much, so I had to use all four.”

This is when the pieces came together. I had remembered that, on the counter, next to the shampoo, my brother had put four gelcaps. I then also realized there were no bath sales or such things in the bathroom, either.

“Did you take a bath in Chris’ vitamins?”

She was not the first to reply, it was Chris. “My fish oil capsules!!”

So there it is, my mother had bathed with four popped fish oil capsules and didn’t even realize it. The worst part was after I left the room and came back in – the smell was overpowering. It was like 10 people had went deep sea fishing and lived the rest of their lives in that room, then died, and people covered them in fish as some form of strange tribute.

In the end we had to switch rooms, and quite possibly Mandaly Bay has condemned that room (19306). I do know that I passed by a cleaning cart parked outside that room, and strange and angry words were being shouted between 4 or 5 ladies in there, in some language I do not speak.