Here’s a roll through a typical work day for me:

11:00: Show up. Grab a Talking Rain.
11:05: Worker near the kitchen asks me a random philisophical test question. I think he’s interviewing for other teams.
11:15: Get to my desk. Read some emails.
11:25: See if there are any bugs resolved to me I can move to other people
11:45: Tatiana comes in to talk to me. Perhaps we get tea.
12:00: Consider getting lunch
12:15: Get lunch
1:45: Look at the bugs resolved to me again, see if there are any bugs I can move to other people
2:00: Amy comes in to talk, lays down on my desk for some reason (tired ?)
2:45: Email.
3:00: Rob comes in to talk. He does not lay down on my desk.
3:30: I notice an SDK-related checkin so I look at the changes. I send an email to the person to get them to correct some problems I notice.
3:40: Read more email
3:50: Relative discontent
3:55: Open my test case query.
3:56: Close test case query
4:00: Resolve bugs
4:30: Amy comes back in to talk some more.
4:45: I wish it was before 4 so I could get some pastries from the cafeteria (they close at 4)
5:00: Email again
5:30: File a couple bugs I managed to find
5:32: Bugs are returned to me as “By Design” or “Won’t Fix”. I close them.
5:35: General malaise
5:50: No new emails yet?
6:00: Consider going home
6:15: Run a few tests to give some hope to the management our test pass is going well
6:30: Wonder why my job doesn’t involve anything I went to college for
6:33: Extreme malaise
6:35: Consider going home
6:45: Rob stops in. While there, Amy hears us talking and stops by, which draws Tatiana over. I think Harvin stops in to chat as well.
7:00: Consider going home, seriously this time
7:05: Bulk fail a bunch of tests blocked by the beta of Office 12 we’re using
7:15: Go home.

I should mention I am one of the most productive members on the team under typical circumstances.