A while ago someone brought up the saying: “You have to love what you do, or who you do it for.”  I was thinking about this as I went to lunch and, since the place was pretty desolate as it was near closing time, it came up in a conversation I had with the lady who runs the grill:

Lady: “So you look in a good mood”
Myself: “You have to love what you do, or who you do it for.”
Lady: “Absolutely, so which one is you?”
Myself: “Neither,” (small beat here), “but at least I have a philosophy.”

I was going to write a bit here about my job and why it sucks, but I’ve decided it’s probably best not to complain about it.  So instead, another story, this one involving a laptop!

Dell sent me what surmounted to a giant turd when I bought my laptop from them about a year ago.  I’ve had the touchpad replaced 3 times, and sent it in for repairs on other parts 3 times (I should mention that they never fixed anything aside from the touchpad, which would just break again).  So, finally, they decided to just replace it with a new machine completely.  They agreed to do this last week and told me I’d get a machine in 3-6 weeks.

This morning, after sleeping only like 3 hours, I woke from a dream in which a Dell laptop was chasing me around and throwing mints at me.  The mints are related to an entirely different story, but the laptop was probably influenced by having to talk to some Dell dude for a few hours over the past week.

Let me break here to tell you something about this Dell guy.  He sounds severely depressed.  Any time I would talk to him, I felt like I should encourage him not to kill himself, and that things couldn’t be as bad as he thinks.  Texans.

Anyway, I awake from this dream and decide I can shape the world with my mind.  This is no longer a dream.  I focus my mental powers… and at that moment my doorbell rings.  This only reinforces my feeling that I am secretly controling the state of the universe.

I’m not sure what exactly brought me back to reality – I think that maybe nothing actually has, I’m merely distracted by my new laptop.

Let’s see if I can push the publish button with my mind: