So over the past two weekends, a large portion of the people I link to over there on the right came to visit. Chronologically:

Alfonso came to visit a weekend ago. Despite owing me a “quilt” which he still has yet to come through with, I allowed him in my state. There was enjoyment of spirits, improv comedy, and other bacheloric activities. A few hours was spent playing Condemned by committee. I believe at the peak there were 6 or so of us, all arguing on what to do. I tell you, for being a member of the police in that game, you sure do beat a lot of hobos to death.

Next up were 6 people from Illinois: Brian, Shane, Andy, Christina, Lauren and Jim-Beta (myself being the alpha Jim of the group). I rented a mini-van, which we packed full and headed off for fun. We spent some time sight-seeing, going across the great 520 floating bridge (which, I should mention, the two other engineers in the car refused to believe floated).

On the hobo-related front, we were at Pike’s Market when a hobo (specifically, a stabbin’ hobo) approached Andy and I and asked for money. When we said no, he then asked if we had a gun. “Shoot me,” he said, “just shoot me now.” Later a different hobo (again, a stabbin’ hobo) accosted us for not having a license plate. I can’t describe this man, except to say I know undoubtedly he was on his way to kill someone. Probably someone without a license plate.

We also headed to Ranier where we enlisted the help of a friendly tree to take this picture:


I think Brian just photoshopped himself into the picture.