I’m not one for posting AIM conversations, but it’s a lot easier.

[00:50] jimeviljim: then there was the baby in front of me
[00:50] jimeviljim: the parents were trying to ween him off his pacifier
[00:50] alison: oh that’s worse
[00:51] alison: on the plane!?!
[00:51] jimeviljim: and I’m thinking, why do this during a flight?
[00:51] alison: omg, horrible inconsiderateness!
[00:51] jimeviljim: and i overheard them
[00:51] jimeviljim: “he only gets it for 20 minutes” blah blah
[00:51] jimeviljim: so
[00:51] jimeviljim: I have
[00:51] jimeviljim: a plan
[00:51] jimeviljim: I am going to start carying around a pacifier with me on planes
[00:51] jimeviljim: now I don’t know if this will ever happen again
[00:51] jimeviljim: and I don’t know how the parents will react
[00:51] jimeviljim: but I do know I’ll have a lot more options if it ever happens again

Also, is the text font here too small? I think I want a new theme. I’ll miss the random German titles, though.