This past Friday I did on-campus interviews. We had a variety of free stuff to give out — shirts, a magnet toy, and a wood block toy. At one point one of the other attendees came over, gave us some of their stuff (a little clock, some cards, and a couple tins of mints) in exchange for one of our toys. So a few of us were occasionally eating a mint, and we had them on our podium off to the back side out of the way.

Some random student comes up, looks at our table and, without saying a word, grabs a shirt, our two toys, and spots the mints. She grabs the tin of mints. One of the other MS people says “hey, those are our mints.” She looks at him and wordlessly walks away. “You’re taking our mints!”

They were pretty good mints too.

I was a little worried, we had some bottles of water up there too, I’m glad to say though that nobody took any of those.