After lunch today, Alfonso noticed the bloodmobile in the parking lot. He decided to walk in (without telling Tatiana or I — who were walking for a bit without noticing he was, well, gone).

I decided to go in myself because I’m stockpiling good karma.

So since I’ve never given blood before Alfonso was going first (also, again, because he just walked away from us and into the bloodmobile without saying anything). So I start filling out my paperwork and right after coming out of the little screening booth and laying down to get my blood taken out of me, he walks by and leaves. “I’m not giving blood away because I’m selfish and don’t care about the sick,” he says, then walks out. He spoke pretty quickly and in a thick mexican accent so I’m pretty sure that’s what he said, though it could have also been something like, “My blood pressure is too high to give blood today.” Either way, I proceed on and give blood for the first time ever. I even got a cookie, but did not get a sticker saying I gave blood.

Anyway — that said, despite all the good karma, moving into my cube today, I broke it almost instantly then proceded to hurt myself in 3 or 4 different ways. Karma sucks.