A more regular post, since apparently they’ve been a bit odd lately.

I went to see “Sin City.” It was rather excellent and I encourage all to attend a showing at their local movie theatre.

One of the things that struck me: at points in many movies, they often put the hero into a position where they’re about to die. Most of the times, it’s very transparent — you know the protagonist will get through and invariably also have a pithy one-liner to respond to the brink of death with.

“Sin City” kept me wondering what would happen next. It was the opposite of predictable. A gun to a hero’s head could end in him being dead. And that, my friend, rhymes.

Of course, they keep the one-liners.

I discourage the watching of either trailers — both of which I am glad I didn’t see as I’d have been downright annoyed at how much they ruined. Just go see it.