Tipping is something I’m never very sure about. Ever since I’ve started moving there have been new instances where I’m not exactly sure how much gratuity makes me not a cheap jerk… the movers, the packers, the car towers, etc… I was just not in my element.

Anyway, today, they dropped off my ole’ Nissan Sentra. I still had my rental car, but fortunately, Avis would let me drop my car off then they would shuttle me back to Microsoft, where they dropped off my Sentra.

So here is yet another instance of tipping questionability — you tip a cab driver, but do you tip the Avis guy? Avis had royally ripped me off and treated me like crap, but that wasn’t this guy’s fault. So I figured I’d tip a bit to thank him for driving me back to my car.

The guy was retired, probably about 70 years old. I think the first thing he said was “don’t let them Republicans lie to you — global warming is really happening.” He mentioned this because I said it was warm out. I have to say the reasons he went into why he thought global warming were basically why I put no stock in the whole global warming issue.

Anyway, this spawned his entire diatrade on Republicans. “You’d have to be a pretty selfish jerk and pretty stupid to be Republican.” Interestingly enough he added to this, “you may be young enough that being Republican pays off for you.” I’m not entirely sure what that means, except that this guy didn’t pay attention in social studies.

Anyway, he then proceeded to call women drivers various obscenities. The basic gist was they’re selfish and self-centered.

So, at the end of the road, he pulls up to my car and I think to myself: “Well, he’s called me a selfish idiot and my sister a female dog.”

I didn’t tip. I figure I’m already paying his social security.