I have trouble sleeping normal times when I get home… new to this break is that I seem to stay awake until, say, 5 am and decide that it’s not worth sleeping. So I stay up all night, go to sleep at 10 pm and wake up at 3 pm the next day, at which time the cycle repeats itself. This is not good but I can’t stop it, so I’m sleeping about 15 hours every two days.

Anyway, today was the first day of classes at UIUC. I did not go to any classes because I graduated. And boy does it feel nice. Instead of worrying about the classes I’m missing or the homework I should be doing, I have plenty of time to stay up until 4 am and write nonsense on a website. This website.

In a very symbolic move my UIUC hat — which was given to me by my brother when I got accepted — decided to break. The little plastic adjustable dealie separated from the hat and it is no longer wearable. It’s almost like it knew. I either need to get a new UIUC hat (or find the duplicate hat I had purchased when I thought I lost this one) or a new other hat. Today I had to wear a Cubs hat and that just won’t do. (If Shane reads this, he will wonder why I have a cubs hat and think of various comments such as “blah blah blah I’m Shane and I have a big head why do you have a cubs hat.” I have the Cubs hat because many years ago the company I worked for had a company outing at a Cubs game. We got a hat. I kept that hat, yet have worn it so few times it looks brand new). I wouldn’t have minded wearing it last year.