A few quick updates for the update hungry:

1) I accepted a full-time job. I chose this over this. This means sometime in February (or so) I’ll be moving to Washington. Fortunately I’ve watched plenty of “Frasier” so I’m well prepared.

2) I was hit by a car. Everything is fine, except my bike, although Brian has promised to try to fix it. I need to write up a full detail of this but I need to take some pictures first, for the benefit of those not who haven’t used the crosswalk where I was hit.

3) Another Black Friday has come and gone, and once again I get into an argument outside Best Buy. Really it was the best option for entertainment anyway.

4) School is winding down. Two more weeks of classes left, two finals, then commencement. There are, I should mention, less than 12 hours between the end of my last final and when I have to show up for graduation. I hope they grade quickly.

5) My new clock is cooler than yours.