I so badly don’t want to work on my homework I’m going to update my little web log.

Not too much interesting or exciting has been happening, hence the lack of updates. I moved into a new apartment. The best single word to describe this place would be “classic”. Or maybe “vintage.” Less highbrow people would probably just simplify that down to “old.”

The complex was built in the early 70’s — as proven by the “Lead Paint And You” brochure I received upon moving in. Despite being gigantic it is far from luxurious — I miss having a washing machine and a dish washer. Oh, yeah, and carpet that isn’t green shag covered with what appear to be blood stains.

Nah, it’s not too bad though. The only real problem is my oven has two settings: “surface of the sun” or “off. Or so you believe.” Brian would be more better suited with this oven, as he always leaves his on. He could not do that with this one; his apartment would otherwise melt. Yes, melt.

I also recently attended a job fair. Having an outstanding job offer you could simply accept and be lazy thereout is, well, something that makes you want to simply be lazy and accept. The job market, however, seems to be looking up. I already have had two interviews, was just emailed for a third, and was promised I would definitely be interviewed for two other positions.

People I know keep telling me “oh, I just accepted my Microsoft offer” and it tempts me just to do the same… but I know it will come down to a point where I will wonder what was out there if I don’t at least look, so… I am.

On an unrelated and tangental note — when people protest “peace in Iraq”, did it ever occur to them that there wasn’t peace there before the war?