Holy crap am I tired.

Another busy week (even though I had two days off of work…) It seems like I never have any free time anymore. Anytime I sit down to write up an entry, give someone a call, or just watch a little TV someone calls or knocks on my door and drags me away.

One thing I did this weekend was get a chance to play a game called Mafia. It’s a game for around 10-12 people that involves killing and lots of lying. It’s a unique experience playing a game that relies a lot on logic with a bunch of rather smart people. At one point another guy from UIUC was giving a 5 minute speech about why two people had to be Mafia, it seemed a very solid argument and he had a good proof but was horribly, horribly wrong.

I also saw Shrek 2, which was nowhere near as good as the first. Alas.

Also on the disappointing movie list was The Prisoner of Azkaban. Sure it was pretty, and a few scenes were done really well… but the combined dissapointments between the total slaughter of my favorite scene from the book and the terrible casting job of Professor Lupin just annoyed me.

Oh, yeah, and it also made no sense. So when everyone is fighting the boggart in the teacher’s lounge, Harry starts to take it on — it shifts to a dementor, then Lupin jumps in and it turns into an obvious moon (also stupid). In the book, he never even comes close to handling the boggart. So, later, when Harry asks why he didn’t get to take on the boggart, it makes sense that Lupin says he worried it would have turned into Voldemort. He still says this in the movie, despite the fact that it had already obviously turned into a dementor. Stupid.

Also new — I signed up for the local gym (apparently the largest gym in the nation). I go work out with a friend of mine from the complex, George (who also happens to be greek, he’s 100% though). Oh man do I hurt.