As I type this, the building across the street is slowly burning.

I don’t start instant messaging conversations. I do notice, though, that of the people that start them with me, it’s often to elicit a response about something. The converser will dodge around whatever it is, hoping to get me to ask about it. Here’s an example:

Say Betsie just won $1,000,000. She would instant message me about moving into a new house, getting a new car, etc, hoping I’d say “so how’d you get all this money.” See, then she’s not bragging, she’s answering my question.

I’ve become rather good at not asking and it makes me happy.

Anyway, I was at McKinley with Allison (yes, she’s still around) and, having been told that I need a booster, decided to get a Tetanus shot.


The lady who gave it to me clearly had some problem with me because she sadistically attacked me with a needle. My right shoulder is now rather puffy and it hurts to move that arm pretty much at all.

On the plus side, it’s so swollen it looks like I have a pretty nice muscle. On the negative side, it’s not quite bikini season yet so I can’t show it off. Ah, plus it’s really only on one arm. Alas.

Interestingly enough, despite being on fire for the past half hour, the fire alarm in the building across the street [i]just[/i] started going off. Safety first, kids.