I find it very, very frightening how well I have acclimated to waking up at 8:30 AM every day. This is completely and totally not in my character, and I should not be able to do it.

I realized it’s for two reasons: it’s not obscenely early, like 6:00 or whenever the heck I woke up for my internship, and it’s EVERY weekday.

Last semester I had to get up for a 9:00 class MWF and at, like, 2 or something for T and Th. It didn’t work. I never went to the 9 AM class. Well, to be completely honest I never went to the 2 PM class either, but that wasn’t because I was tired, I just didn’t want to go.

Yet almost three weeks into the semester, I haven’t missed a single class — not even the 9 AM classes, and those don’t count if you skip. I even convinced a particularly sleepy Jim this morning to get up and go to class.

School is already a lot of work, which has me worried because it’s only going to get worse. Fortunately one of my 6 classes is a writing class that is quite evidently a blowoff class. Attendance counts, so I have to go, but I doubt it will be a huge amount of work for a superstar like myself.

Completely unrelated except to an instant messenger conversation I’m having while typing this, I like using invalid arguments to see if I’ll get called on them. For example: “Well, you have to decide what we’ll do because I’m coming over to your neighborhood.” Not really a valid argument for someone that lives 9 blocks away, but it got me out of making a decision.

Finally and again unrelatedly, my brother Billy invited me to join orkurt, which is like Friendster but elite and Google-sponsored. I was giddy, I had been hoping to get invited, yay for me. I sent out invitations to everyone I talk to, if you didn’t get one I have a wrong email address for you, but sign up! Sign up and be my friend! I only have a circle of 27,265 people and need more!

Orkut makes me think of orcs.

[Listening to: Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Bobby McFerrin – Simple Pleasures]