Two things produced this entry — I was looking at How Much Is Inside and thinking about the various accessed thrown around about Valentine’s Day and I fondly remembered one Valentine’s Day past that stood out.

Now, as many of you know, I’m old, so this happened before dating was invented. With nothing better to do we decided to play some good old fashioned video games. I believe Goldeneye was the game of choice that night — good N64 multiplayer action.

I had come — fashionably late, as usual, but also with my own personal 2-liter bottle of Mountain Dew. I don’t remember ever really liking Mountain Dew that much so I’m not sure why anymore.

So between rounds I’d grab my 2 liter and drink straight out of it. The strange thing was eventually my friend Phil started saying things like “don’t you want more Mountain Dew?” or “you should do the Dew now” or various other Phil-comments.

I figured he was just trying to distract me to destroy my super game skills.

Roughly 8 or 10 swigs later, I realized the entire time he had been slipping conversational hearts handful by handful into my Dew. I noticed this only because it had become nearly solid. Those things are like sponges, seriously.

From there we took the obvious step of making the loser chug some dew. Four cases of diabetes and three shots of insulin later we realized there was no way we could finish off the bottle of dew. No matter what. Not only that, it was important we never see the bottle again. Try a combination of Mountain Dew and conversation hearts and you’ll know why.

So to be rid of the vile substance, we slipped the bottle into our friend’s neighbor’s mailbox. Simple enough, and effective.

On the slightly-more-recent-than-like-seriously-5-years-ago-or-something front today I interviewed, again, for a Microsoft internship. Different than last time is the fact that I never submitted my resume this year, so, who knows how they found me. Mystery of life, I guess.

The interview went well — last time I was way overly tired and stumbled a few times, at least I can say this time I interviewed well and did a good job. Even if I’m not offered the internship, all that matters is I at least was able to not seem like a moron this time.

Well, now it’s back to work — two MPs and two tests and two homework assignments are all due next week. Fantastic.