While watching “Pirates of the Carribean” I noticed that in every pirate movie it ends up a sword master fighting what they assume is one who knows nothing about swordplay. They fight, the sword master narrating, and the guy who knows nothing ends up winning.

Yar, matey.

Anyway, back at school, weather is what you could describe as freezing. You would, unfortunately, be off by a factor of almost 40 degrees. -10 is not ideal walking conditions, and unfortunately I have a far-away class every day… nice.

Moving on, but still on the topic of classes, I start class bright and early at 9 AM every day. On Monday/Wednesday/Thursday I get done at noon. Around two I’ll be at home, looking around, thinking it’s far too early to have gone to class and also been home for two hours. I’m not sure if I like this or not, but it certainly is disconcerning.

And now a picture of a monkey, proudly stolen off our neighbor’s door.

(PS – It costs like a buck an ear)

[Listening to: A Little Less Conversation (JXL Radio Edit Remix) – Elvis Presley – 30 #1 Hits]