Black Friday.

Known as such for the day that retailers books shift from red to black, the day after thanksgiving is store insanity.

3 stores. 3 hours. Starting at 4:30 AM.

First stop was Best Buy. We got in line behind roughly 120-150 people — we got in late, at 4:30 AM, so we missed out on some of the popular deals, but fortunately nothing any of us wanted. Picked up a new wireless router for the apartment, Chicago on DVD for $11.99, and some free CD-Rs. I saw an uninteruptible power supply for $5, so I picked that up too. It was very, very heavy.

Best Buy opened at 7 AM (a little earlier, but we got through the doors around then). Fortunately around 5:00 they started serving free and hot Dunkin’ Doughnuts coffee — one of my favorites.

I might not have made it without the coffee.

After Best Buy was Office Max. I picked up a keyboard, a 64 MB USB storage drive, 10 DVD-Rs, another 100 CD-Rs, and some nice slim jewel cases for everything. Net cost, negative $10.

Then went to Target and picked up a electronic dart board for the apartment (sorry, magnetic just doesn’t do it for me).

Net cost for the day was $27 for a whole total crap load of stuff.

Yay for being cheap!