Found a new program that lets me edit posts offline and also spell check. A very needed feature. Stupid name, but I’ll forgive them. All the more reason for you blogging kids to switch to Movable Type.

Not too much exciting new stuff — mostly just spending time with the family and trying to play Final Fantasy XI. I’m still unsure if I like it very much, especially since I can hardly handle killing a Forest Hare without getting my butt kicked. Hardcore.

One nice thing about this offline editor deal is that I can automatically insert the music I’m listening to while I post. A nice feature in theory, but with two problems:

1) It doesn’t have an iTunes plugin, which is now my primary music listener dealie.
2) I can’t listen to music and write.

Actually, I more or less can’t listen to music and do anything requiring thinking without getting oft distracted. Homework, writing, reading… nope. Well, I can’t listen to real music at least. Music without words doesn’t distract me too much… but what’s the point?

I have exactly 5 tasks left this semester (including all homework, projects, and finals). Only two weeks of classes left, then one week of finals.

Exciting times!