I need to drop my Computer Graphics class, but unfortunately I can only do that if I pick up another credit hour.

The only way to pick up another credit hour, as it were, is an independent study with a professor or lecturer of my choice.

I stopped by the office of two teachers — one I’ve had, one I have this semester.

The first one told me I could do an independent study with him if he never had to see me again until I handed in my project. This, actually, is exactly what I was hoping for, but I didn’t expect it put so bluntly.

The second guy, a teacher I have this semester, wanted nothing to do with me whatsoever. He more or less told me he didn’t have time to spare, etc, but took my name and email address anyway.

4 hours later he emails me saying that he would be interested in doing an independent study program with me.

I strongly suspect the only reason he emailed me was he looked up how I was doing in his class over the three machine problems, a midterm, and some homeworks, and noticed I had — by far — the highest grade in the class. Oh, also, the highest grade possible. I’m a superstar and haven’t lost a point yet.

It’s a good thing I’m smart or I wouldn’t be able to cover up that I’m stupid. Excellent.

Previous to hearing back from him, I had decided I should actually go to class that day — make it look good, because I really need a professor to sign off for this independent study crap. I sort of forgot the class doesn’t meet on Mondays though. Oops.

And now back to the pseudoadiabatic diagram!