Well I’m back from Vegas kids, and on my first day back I get my very first City of Urbana parking ticket. Yay for me!

I’ve got roughly 1500 emails to filter through, just waiting to be deleted, so I’ll go ahead and make this one quick.

It was my birthday the 27th so if you haven’t wished me a happy birthday, it’s not too late!

Vegas was — as the kids say these days — spiffy. Aside from some rather large and very, very dumb last-minute wagers I would have left just about even. I left down about $100. Math will let you know almost exactly how dumb a certain last-minute wager was.

But, really, who wants to leave Vegas even?

Not me.

I won’t post any huge stories, at least yet, but a good time was had by most. I’ll have to post about the extreme location of my room and various other fun tidbits later. I’ve got birthday tidings to thank people for.