So, uh, here’s some ramble for you.

My computer science classes have teamed up to assign one MP: “Using SPIM on the CSIL machines available in DCL, prove or disprove the existance of God. Be precise. No partial credit awarded.”

My weather class teachers have paired up against me, deciding to spout out random streams of letters — letters, man, not even whole words! — that are completely nonsensical. My Atmospheric Dynamics professor even used the letter “poo”.

I had no idea how to put that in my notes.

My math class is a joke. I think we can use a calculator on the exams, in which case I need to know precisely nothing. Excellent.

I am a handsome man.

Finished watching the first season of “24”. Fairly good. Maybe a bit overboard with all the kidnapping. Especially considering some of the director commentary near the end… “you just never know what to expect from us zany writers! We’re zany! We’re not afraid to do anything!”

I know what to expect. I expect a whole lot of kidnapping. Somewhere around when the show hits 1 PM (the show runs 12 AM – 12 AM, so a bit over halfway), they’ve ran out of ideas and decide to kidnap the same people a few more times. But it was still good, kidnapping aside.

Finally, according to census statistics, JAMES is the most popular first name. You all can go home now — I win.