I was just sitting at my computer, minding my own business, when I suddenly remembered something from many years ago and almost started crying I was giggling so much.

Before beginning it is important to note my brother was not wearing shoes.

When I was young, way younger than my memory really extends (which is why the details on this are a bit sketchy), one of my brothers was going through his room and found an old combination lock he had forgot he even had. He didn’t know the combination or even where it was from. It was unlocked, just sitting in his closet.

For some unknown reason he decided to put this lock around his big toe and lock it.

Through some mysterious coincidence, the part of his big toe closest to his foot was just big enough to fit a lock around. The toe-knuckle, however, was too large to fit a lock over.

Therein lied a problem. The lock was stuck on his big toe.

That’s where my memory ends, but really, it’s got to be the best part of the story anyway. I have no idea how he got that lock off (I assume he did though).