Pepsi or coke? Most places these days carry soft-drinks exclusively from one provider – a Coke store, a Pepsi restaurant, whatever.

I realized there was one place that transcends these boundaries – an airplane. Planes typically stock both Coke and Pepsi and perhaps a few fringe beverages and fruit drinks.

I was thinking about this as the yucky snack cart came by (Cheddar Snack Mix – a personal favorite, and a favorite of the other thousands of lactose intolerant people out there). When the lady pulled up she informed me the plane only stocked Coca-Cola products.

What a scam.

They also seem to be hesitant to give you more than what amounts to a shot glass full of soda. This does not appease my thirst. I won’t be surprised if next flight they just come around with a towel dipped in Coke and dab it on my tongue. Then I can be thirsty and concerned about infection.

The woman kitty-corner (or katty-corner, if you’re a moron) has complained already about no less than 8 things. This does not include the fact that she simply refuses to listen to simple instructions, such as not climbing on her seat looking backwards without her seatbelt on during take-off. A man that looks like Maurie Povich is talking to her quite interestedly, despite her having no readily apparent positive characteristics.

Before this flight I actually thought it’d be stupid to bring Pepsi with me, as the plane would certainly have it.

Pre-flight was even an adventure – I saw my brother (who is flying with me) leaving the security area before I even got my shoes back. I hollered at him to wait, as I needed my shoes, and I noticed he wasn’t so much leaving as being taken. “I don’t have a choice” was all he said.

Then when he got back, we stopped to eat as we had plenty of time. Or so we thought, and were apparently wrong because shortly after sitting down we were paged to our flight.

Once we got on the flight the flight attendant announced almost immediately that everyone was finally on the plane and they could start take-off procedures.

We then received the crook-eye from about 100 people on the plane as we walked down the aisle to our seats.

Uploading some pictures now, I’ll do a little bit of the ‘hey there this is what happened during my week of fun’ in like 10 hours when they’re uploaded.