Does it worry anybody else that the entire entertainment industry is dying off one by one?

Barry White, Carol Shields, the guy who played Beverly T. Hillbilly on the Beverly Hillbillies.

Who will be spared from God’s wrath to make us happy, sad, or sexy (in a reverse-respective order of names)?

Things walking to work are almost surreal. Walking in a flood of people in suits, business casual attire, with an occassional mixed in student seems exactly like a stereotypical city. Even the bums that I walk by look well-fed and clean. There’s streetwise man, always trying to sell off his plethora of papers. Bald Bum is in a wheelchair and has new signs every day, from unexplainable (“I didn’t do it! I was in Tijiuana” making no mention of what, exactly, he’s refusing responsibility for) to current events (“I want to go to the Taste!”). Following him is Business Bum who has a new scheme he needs to raise money for daily (bike to become a messenger, things of that nature).

That’s it. They all stand or sit there, asking for money. I don’t think they even get any… at first I wondered how they got such good spots (thousands of people walking by in a few minutes when a train comes in), but then I realized nobody ever gave them money. None at all. Everyone who walks by does so day in and day out on such a regular basis they’ve turned into scenery.

Which I find at least slightly disturbing.

Do people even read Bald Bum’s clever signs? Do people pay attention to Business Bum’s attempt to get back on his feet?

Maybe their signs could say anything. When you try so hard not to meet someone’s eyes, they can get away with anything.