More security stories, or at least more security story.

There is a security lady who is always trying to elicit responses from the business men and women by yelling out her few catch phrases:

“Tuesday! It’s a tuesday today! It’s not Monday anymore!”
“Friday everybody! We’ve got a Friday here, everybody has to be happy!”

She does more than that, and I think on Mondays, since there’s nothing much to look at as good, she just mutters something about fun weekends and the such.

I assumed she was jovial. I assumed she was trying to make a pleasant work (or at least security) environment for the people who pass through her metal detectors.

I was horribly, horribly wrong.

See, she’s actually just crazy. I realized this when, after going in, I stopped to tie my shoe. Nobody else was around this lady and, since I had ducked down in covert mode, she didn’t know I was still around.

Despite that she was proclaiming it to just her fellow security workers, and proclaiming it quite loudly, she continued to yell out as loud as she comfortably could.

“We’ve got Tuesday! Not Monday anymore but a Tuesday everybody!”

I stopped for a good minute waiting to see how long it lasted, and if anyone actually was coming. The answers to these two questions being “forever” and “no, nobody was.”

There are two men looking in the window at me. That’s a bit spooky.

Moving on, but not really, heightened security has also had an affect on this nation’s distribution of StreetWise. I noticed the bum who sells it ouside of Union station has a seemingly state-issued photo ID. Perhaps some less-than-ethical people were distributing bootleg StreetWise copies and merchandise.

The people handing out real papers, or what passes for them, did not have photo IDs. Although one fellow, passing out the Red Streak, insisted on calling it the “Red Streams”.