I guess trains just don’t work if it starts drizzling.

I had to take a different line because my primary method of getting to my internship had mechanical failures. Or mechanical problems. Or something that’s probably a mechanical engineer’s fault. Or that at least has the word mechanical in it.


As I sip my cold Starbucks tea, I ponder what to write.

My tea is very cold. See, Starbucks keeps their water at temperatures which can melt time. So I typically set it aside to cool off because my toungue has a much lower melting point than that of time. I then proceed to forget about it while I’m enraptured in my engaging work tasks, and then by the time I glance over at it, it has morphed with no outside forces into iced tea.

Which, I suppose, is good — Starbucks iced tea is $2 more than hot tea, so my tea has appreciated in value.

So, to Andy, who wants a scam to make big money — there you go. Put all your money in tea. It’s going to pay off huge.