So looking over things I found that most people searching on the web found my site by searching for “!!!!!!!!!!!!111 one”. I think it’s great because that sums me up completely in one, err, phrase. If punctuation counts as a phrase.

Nothing too much new. Friday I stayed in the city after work. We went to eat at Maggianos — when we went in there was this huge bowl completely full of mints. After dinner we wanted some mints and they were all gone. As we were walking down the street the manager comes running out, yells “wait!” and tosses down a box of 1,000 breathmints.

I’m minty fresh.

(At least my breath is).

(And my pockets).

(And, strangely, my belt).

Working in the city is nice but I do miss sleep. I saw a bum reading the new Harry Potter. Not quite sure what that was all about.