I haven’t updated this thing in like two months. It’s really quite sad.

ANYway, since my life is not interesting enough to type about (actually, I’d say it’s just as interesting as that of all the other webloggers, but that’s not saying much) I realized that I could easily live vicariously through the two people I refer to as, well, a long string of profanity mixed in with synonyms for ‘annoying’.

I get to my CS 231 class pretty early so I’m one of the first people there. Unlike some people, I don’t have the genetic predisposition to always sit in the same seat, so sometimes I’m on the left side, right side, middle, etc — it varies (and it’s a lecture hall that holds ~150-200 people).

Every day — EVERY DAY — the same two girls sit behind me and talk about their annoyingly pathetic lives through the WHOLE class. It really disrupts my napping (I calculated this, napping in class costs me just about $25 per hour).

So I figured since they really want to tell me their life story, I could post it on the internet and let more people know. So that’s my new project. It will be updated every Monday and Wednesday starting, well, whenever I feel like it. I might catch up on some backstory first, like the time the ugly one passed out at a party and was “so messed up” the next morning her “boyfriend” (I’m assuming she meant cats here) got sooooo mad at her.

Yes I’m awesome.