I went to a little (read: 8 hour) concert Saturday night featuring Local-H, Lucky Boys Confusion, Better Than Ezra, Roscoe Plush (who, I must say, are one of the worst things to ever happen to music), the Red Hot Valentines, and I forget the other 2. Look it up yourself, if you’re so interested.

Anyway, the concert was an interesting experience. I can understand a lot of things that happen at concerts. Moshing, crowd surfing, uh, listening… but one thing that happened just struck me as unacceptable.

I was minding my own business as best as one can while being ran into with the weight of 500 other concert-goers when the fat, ugly woman next to me started — for no reason — pinching me. I guess I was crowding her, so she starts diging into my flesh. Using her nails as much as possible.

WHO IN THE WORLD PINCHES SOMEONE NEXT TO THEM AT A CONCERT? I just don’t understand at all. It’s a concert. Don’t expect to have a perfect personal-space bubble or leave.

I should have kicked her.