Finals should be outlawed.

It is absurd to expect a student to put a few months worth of knowledge into use in a 3 hour timespan.

It’s absurd to even suggest a student TAKE a test for 3 hours straight.

On the plus side, today’s final was probably the most frightening out of the four (excluding, possibly, my next one on Thursday).

The worst part about taking a 3 hour final is, at least personally, one experiences such a wide array of emotions. I went through them all, I think. Disgust on seeing the problems, happiness on finding an easy one, despair when realizing I don’t know how to do one, amazement when I figure out how to solve the seemingly unsolvable, frustration at the fact there’s only 30 minutes left, hatred for anything circuit related, etc.

The test itself isn’t as tiresome as the emotions involved, honestly. You use up more energy freaking out (say, when you’re under the impression you can do about 50% of a final that’s 40% of your grade) than thinking.