Today was the first day it rained while at school here (during the day, at least). A pleasant 10 minute walk to class turned into an unpleasant and unenjoyably moist 10 minute walk.

Fortunately I had my trusty umbrella (which I purchased online)… and while I must say it’s junk, it still kept me mostly dry.

Sadly, I don’t think I will allow myself to carry an unbrella anymore as it seems to cause problems.

I was going to my Japanese Culture discussion group, and got stuck walking behind this slow moving fat girl. With no way around (she had a substantial girth) I was forced to walk at an obscenely slow pace. I was listening to music through my MP3 player so it wasn’t too excruciating.

Until she started slowing down. I’m not entirely sure why, maybe she just got tired.

Eventually she came to a full and complete stop. Not just walking slow — if she was a rollercoaster you could exit onto the station.

So before I even thought (obviously), I ready my umbrella, and poke —

No, that’s not the correct word.

I PROD her with my umbrella and proclaim “keep moving pokey.”

This, I believe, catches us both by surprise. Possibly me moreso than her.

But it got her moving again, and I made it to class in time (she, thankfully, was not part of my class). Of course by the time we both got to the third floor — I was still stuck behind her — she sounded like she was about to have a heart attack.

But you could still see the fear in her eyes, as she glanced quickly at my umbrella and walked away.