I went back to Shorewood Friday to pick up my DVDs and help my mother pick out one of those fancy new cell phones (sadly, now, my technically inept mother has both a better computer and a better cell phone than I), but came back to Urbana Saturday afternoon.

I got back and checked my email and got a note from my Japanese Culture instructor that a club was showing Spirited Away on campus (for free, no less).

The fact that they were showing it in a building less than two minutes away helped as well.

While there I noticed sitting rather near was my Japanese Culture instructor. I was thinking to myself I should introduce myself after the movie but didn’t remember if he would be considered a “doctor” or a “mister.”

So finally I realized a good catch-all term: Professor.

Sadly, things all fell apart even after this as I completely blanked on what his name was — an important facet to my introduction scheme. I knew it somehow involved “Ruppert” but I couldn’t begin to assess if this was his first or last name.

So I just didn’t say anything. Maybe I should set up a poll: is it his first or last name?

If you get an opportunity, watch Spirited Away. I was impressed with it — if you can find it in your area (probably, if anything, in the theaters) check it out. Make sure you see it subtitled, not dubbed. Dubbed is for wussies.