So around 4:00 AM I realize there’s no way I’m going to be sleeping anytime soon. I’m not sure why but I am just in a bad mood so a nice night’s rest is apparently out of the question until I (1) get over it or (2) at least figure out what’s bothering me.

I hate it when my subconscious hijacks control without at least a simple note explaining why.

I also hate it when people incorrectly use an apostrophe. Moving on now.

I decided to let the idea of sleep go straight out the window and grabbed a reference I had printed out earlier to look over — I was planning on using a module to work with a site I’m working on.

After reading through it all I realized it’s cool, jump up and happily turn on my computer, pleased at the idea of working this in because, well, it’d just be neat. I threw on a random CD in my 300 disc changer (real cd goodness simply because it just seems right in relation to my project) and was about to start when I got sidetracked writing this. Yay.

Random thought: when I purchased the CD I’m currently listening to — Insomniac by Green Day, if you must know — I remembered my sister pointing out the non-irony of the title as a specific song would keep her awake.