This is like, what, the 10th in the series of Left Behind books? Something like that. While I can’t say the writing gets any better, it has a short, easy to read quality that is great for pre-beddy time reading fun.

It’s kind of creepy, too, because while I’m a Christian I’ve never read the bible personally… or really know many people who have. So it’s creepy, as I was saying, to see all what the bible says is going down at the end of all this worldly worldness. Water turning to blood, nasty people doing nasty things, and well, you know.

It waivers between spooky possibilities and I guess what I would say are things pretty much unbelievable. Yeah God can do great things but sometimes it just seems convoluted. I have a hard time cooresponding the character traits perfection on convolutedosity in one being.

So, anyway, the book is still good though — lite reading, but still pretty good. Characters are pretty decently written, and a good deal of suspense. Worth reading… but you’d of course have to start from book #1. And the earlier books are probably better, simply because so much happens later on that is unbelievable (yet biblical, and necessary to be present).

Not sure what I’m going to read next… gots me a big stack of those books to read, need to just pick one out.